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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
72pins SIMM FPM 5V
FPM SIMM 1Mx36-60 MSC23B136D-60DS4 OKI
FPM SIMM 8Mx32-60 MT16D832G-6 Micron
FPM SIMM 8Mx32-60 3090_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Tin Panasonic
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3100_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Tin Toshiba
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3102_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Tin Hyundai
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 26938_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold Hitachi
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-70 58081_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold Hyundai
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 15475_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold SK hynix(LGS)
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3109_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Tin OKI
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 117361_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold OKI
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3111_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Tin SK hynix(LGS)
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3113_16MB_4Mx4_8C Goldstar(LG)
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3101_16MB_2Mx8_8C_Tin Hyundai
FPM SIMM 4Mx32-60 3110_16MB_2Mx8_8C_Gold Hyundai
FPM SIMM 2Mx32-70 32335_8MB_1Mx4_16C NEC
FPM SIMM 2Mx32-60 101200_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Tin OKI
FPM SIMM 2Mx32-60 17859_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Gold SK hynix [ Hyundai]
FPM SIMM 2Mx32-60 3133_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Tin Hyundai
FPM SIMM 2Mx32-70 12940_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Gold Samsung
FPM SIMM 2Mx32-60 25798_8MB_1Mx16_4C SK hynix
FPM SIMM 1Mx32-60 3136_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Tin Hyundai
FPM SIMM 8Mx32-60 3087_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Tin SK hynix (LGS)
FPM SIMM 1Mx32-70 19121_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Gold SK hynix
FPM SIMM 1Mx32-60 3139_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Gold Samsung
FPM SIMM 1Mx32-60 15432_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Tin Hyundai(LG)
FPM SIMM 1Mx32-60 3141_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Tin Samsung
FPM SIMM 8Mx32-60 9993_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Gold SK hynix (LGS)
FPM SIMM 1Mx32-60 3142_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Tin Hyundai/LGS
FPM SIMM 8Mx32-60 117282_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Gold OKI
FPM SIMM 8Mx32-60 11139_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Tin Hyundai(LGS)
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