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Intel P3 / P4 Tray 256K Cache
P3 1.0GHz FC-PGA RB80526PZ001256S Intel Tray
P3 1.0GHz FC-PGA SL5QV Intel Tray
P4 1.8G0 FC PGA (S478) RK80531PC033G0K Intel Tray
P3 866EB FC PGA RB80526PZ866256 Intel Tray
P3 850E FCPGA SL4Z2 Intel Tray
P4 1.8G0 FC PGA (S423) RN80528PC033GOK Intel Tray
P3 800E FC PGA 3224_100MHz_256K_Cache Intel Tray
P3 733EB FC PGA RB80526PZ733256 Intel Tray
P3 700E FC PGA RB80526PY700256 Intel Tray
P4 1.7G0 FC PGA (S478) RK80531PC029G0K Intel Tray
P3 650E Slot 1 3238_100_MHz_256K_Cache Intel Tray
P3 600E Slot 1 3246_100_Mhz_256K_Cache Intel Tray
P4 1.7G0 FC PGA (S423) SL57W Intel Tray
Pentium MMX233 107398_66Mhz Intel Tray
Pentium III (500 MHz 256K Cache) RB80526PY500256 Intel Tray
Pentium MMX166 GC80503CSM Intel
P4 1.6G0 FC PGA (S478) SL5US Intel Tray
P4 1.6G0 FC PGA (S423) SL4WU Intel Tray
P4 1.5G0 FC PGA (S478) RK80531PC021G0K Intel Tray
P4 2.0G0 FC PGA (S478) RK80531PC041G0K Intel Tray
P4 1.3G0 FC PGA (S423) SL4SF Intel Tray
P3 1.13GHz FC-PGA 2 SL5GQ Intel Tray
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