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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
LPDDR2 512Mx32 (16Gb) K3PE0E00QM-XGC2 Samsung
LPDDR2 32Mx32 1066MHz EDB1332BDBH-1DAAT-F Micron
LPDDR2-800 128Mx32 4Gb MT42L128M32D2KL-25IT:A Micron
LPDDR2 EDBA164B1PF-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2-800 64Mx64 (4Gb) NT6TL64T64AR-G1 Nanya
LPDDR2-800 256Mx32 (8Gb) DDP H9TKNNN8KDMPQR-NDM SK hynix
LPDDR2-1066 512Mx32 (16Gb) H9TKNNNBPDMPQR-NGH SK hynix
LPDDR2-1066 64Mx32 (2Gb) NT6TL64M32AQ-G0 Nanya
LPDDR2 32Mx32 1066MHz EDB1332BDBH-1DIT-F-R Micron
LPDDR2-1066 64Mx32 (2Gb) NT6TL64M32AI-G0 Nanya
LPDDR2 H5MS5122FKA-E3M SK hynix
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 (4Gb) NT6TL128M32AQ-G0 Nanya
LPDDR2 8G SM256M32U80MD2LLG-SS SpecTek
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) DDP H9TKNNN8KDMPQR-NGMR SK hynix
LPDDR2 8G SM256M32U80MD2LLG-BL SpecTek
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) DDP H9TKNNN8KDMPRR-NGMR SK hynix
LPDDR2-667 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDMPRR-NYMR SK hynix
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) DDP H9TKNNN8KDMRAR-NGM SK hynix
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) DDP H9TKNNN8KDMRAR-NGH SK hynix
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDAPQR-NGM SK hynix
LPDDR2-667 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDMPRR-NYM SK hynix
LPDDR2-800 128Mx32 (4Gb) NT6TL128M32AI-G1 Nanya
LPDDR2 H5MS2562NFR-E3MR SK hynix
LPDDR2-800 192Mx32 (6Gb) H9TKNNN6CDMPRR-NDHR SK hynix
LPDDR2 2G SU64M32G69AD1LKL-S8 SpecTek
LPDDR2 4G SM128M32U80MD1LLF-S8 SpecTek
LPDDR2-800 32Mx32 (1Gb) NT6TL32M32BQ-G1 Nanya
LPDDR2-1066 32Mx32 (1Gb) NT6TL32M32BQ-G0 Nanya
LPDDR2 16Mx32 1066MHz EDB5432BEBH-1DAUT-F Elpida
LPDDR2 32Mx32 1066MHz EDB1332BDBH-1DAUT-F Micron
LPDDR2 256Mx32 1066MHz EDB8132B4PB-8D-F-D Micron
LPDDR2 16G 512MX32 VFBGA QDP EDBA232B2PB-1D-F-D Micron
LPDDR2 384Mx32 12G EDBM432B3PF-1D-F Micron
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx16 EDB4416BBBH-1DIT-F-D Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DAAT-F-R Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DAIT-F Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx64 EDBA164B2PR-1D-F Micron
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DAAT-F-D Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1D-F-D Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DAIT-F-D Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DIT-F Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DAIT-F-R Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBPA-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx32x2 1066MHz 8GBit EDB8164B3PF-8D-F Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) H9TKNNN8JDMPLR-NGM SK hynix
LPDDR2 256Mx32x2 1066MHz EDB8132B3PB-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 256Mx32 1066MHz (8Gb) H9TCNNN8JDMMPR-NGM SK hynix
LPDDR2 128Mx32 1066MHz (16Gb) H9TCNNNBLDMMPR-NGM SK hynix
LPDDR2 16Gb K3PE0E000C-XGC2 Samsung
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) H9TKNNN8JDAPLR-NGHR SK hynix
LPDDR2 128Mx64 8Gbit EDB8164B3PH-8D/1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 384Mx32 (12Gb) H9TKNNNAADMPLR-NGM SK hynix
134-ball 2C0E LPDDR2 SDRAM 8Gb 256x32 DDP EDB8132B3MC-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx32 4G EDB4032B2MA-8D-F-D Micron
LPDDR2 128Mx64 8Gbit EDB8164B3PD-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx64 8Gb 1066MHz EDB8164B3PF-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx64 8Gb 1066MHz EDB8164B4PK-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx64 8G 1066MHz EDB8164B4PR-1D-F-R Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx64 1066MHz EDB8164B4PT-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx32 4Gb K3PE4E400K-XGC1 Samsung
LPDDR2 128Mx64 1066MHz EDB8164B4PT-1DIT-F Elpida
LPDDR2 128Mx64 8G 1066MHz EDB8164B4PR-1D-F-D Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx64 (8Gb) MT42L128M64D2LL-18 WT:A Micron
LPDDR2 K3PE5E300M-XGC8 Samsung
LPDDR2-800 256Mx32 MT42L256M32D2LG-25WT:A Micron
LPDDR2-1066 512Mx32 (16Gb) H9TKNNNBPDMRAR-NGM SK hynix
LPDDR2-800 64Mx32 (2Gb) H9TKNNN2GDAPLR-NDM SK hynix
LPDDR2 16GB EDBA164B2PF-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 16GB EDBA164B1PM-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 64Mx32 800MHz EDB2432BCPE-8D-F Elpida
LPDDR2-1066 256Mx32 (8Gb) NT6TL256T32BA-G0I nanya
LPDDR2-800 16Mx32 (512Mb) MT42L16M32D1AC-25 IT:A Micron
LPDDR2 32Mx32 1GByte EDB1332BDBH-1D-F-D Elpida
MCP LPDDR2 4G+ 2G 533MHz MT29RZ4B2DZZHHWD-18I.84F Micron
LPDDR2 8Gb Ram EDB8164B4PR-1D-F Micron
LPDDR2 16GB EDBA164B2PF-1D-F-D Elpida
LPDDR2 256Mx32 (8GB) K3PE7E70QM-BGC2 Samsung
LPDDR2-1066 32Mx32 (1Gb) NT6TL32M32BA-G0 Nanya
LPDDR2-1066 32Mx32 AutoG2 (1Gb) NT6TL32M32BA-G0H Nanya
LPDDR2-400 8Mx32 (256Mb) Ind W948D2FBJX5I Winbond
LPDDR2-800 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDMPQR-NDM SK hynix
LPDDR2-800 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDAPYR-NDM SK hynix
LPDDR2-800 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDMPQR-NDMR SK hynix
LPDDR2-667 128Mx32 (4Gb) DDP H9TKNNN4KDMPRR-NYMR SK hynix
LPDDR2 128Mx32 533MHz EDB4432BBPA-1D-F-D Micron
LPDDR2-800 64Mx16 (1Gb) EDB4064B2PB-8D-F Elpida
LPDDR2 64Mx32 1066 EDB2432B4MA-1DIT-F Elpida
LPDDR2-800 64Mx32 (2Gb) Ind MT42L64M32D1KL-25 IT:A Micron
LPDDR2-1066 64Mx32 (2Gb) MT42L64M32D1TK-18 AAT:C Micron
LPDDR2-800 64Mx64 400MHz MT42L64M64D2KH-25 IT:A Micron
LPDDR2-667 64Mx64 333MHz MT42L64M64D2MC-3 IT:A Micron
LPDDR2-1066 384Mx32 MT42L384M32D3LP-18 WT:A Micron
LPDDR2 64Mx32 1066 EDB2432B4MA-1DIT-F-R Elpida
LPDDR2 16Mx32 1066MHz EDB5432BEBH-1DAAT-F Elpida
LPDDR2 16Mx32 1066MHz EDB5432BEBH-1DIT-F-D Elpida
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