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Reduced-latency DRAM (RLDRAM/RL)
RLDRAM2 16Mx18 300MHz MT49H16M18FM-33B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 533MHz MT49H16M36BM-18IT:A Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks 144 balls MT49H16M18BM-33:B Micron
576Mbit MT49H16M36HU-25E:A Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 400 MHz MT49H16M36FM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 8Mx36 MT49H8M36BM-33 Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks MT49H16M18FM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb MT49H16M36HU-18:A Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks 144 balls MT49H16M18CBM-33 Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36FM-18:A Micron
RLDRAM2 288Mb 8Mx36x8 Banks MT49H8M36FM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H64M9BM-25:A Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18FM-25:A Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-25:A Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks 144 balls MT49H16M18BM-33IT Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 400MHz MT49H16M18CBM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2 16Mx18 400MHz MT49H16M18CBM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM2 32Mx9 300MHz MT49H32M9BM-33 Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks MT49H16M18CBM-25: B Micron
RLDRAM2 288Mb 8Mx36x8 Banks Ind Iemp UBGA MT49H8M36FM-25-IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H64M9FM-25E:A Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36FM-18:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 x8 banks MT49H16M18FM-25IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18FM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks MT49H16M18FM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18CFM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks 144 balls MT49H16M18CBM-33IT Micron
RLDRAM2 288Mb 8Mx36x8 Banks MT49H8M36FM-33IT Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H32M9FM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb MT49H32M18CBM-18:A Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H64M9BM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-18:A Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 400MHz MT49H16M18SJ-25IT:B Micron
RLDRAM3-1600 1.125Gb 32Mx36 800MHz MT44K32M36RCT-125E:A Micron
RLDRAM3-1866 32Mx36 (1.125Gb) MT44K32M36RB-107E:A Micron
RLDRAM 8Mx36 400MHz MT49H8M36SJ-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H64M9FM-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18BM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18CFM-25IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18BM-25 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2 288Mb 8Mx36x8 Banks Ind Iemp UBGA MT49H8M36FM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-18:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb MT49H32M18CBM-18:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36ALFM-18:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb MT49H32M18CSJ-18:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H32M9BM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18FM-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18x8 banks MT49H16M18CBM-25 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H32M9FM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-25 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18CFM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18SJ-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36SJ-18:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36BM-18IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-25IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mbit MT49H8M36SJ-25IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mbit MT49H32M18SJ-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 2 MT49H32M18CSJ-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H32M9BM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18CFM-33 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb MT49H32M18BM-18:B Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36SJ-18IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18CBM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18SJ-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18BM-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18BM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM 16Mx18 MT49H16M18BM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2 16Mx36 400MHz MT49H16M36SJ-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18CFM-25:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18CBM-25 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM2 576Mb MT49H32M18FM-33:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mbit MT49H8M36SJ-25:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36FM-25 Micron
RLDRAM2-1066 576Mb MT49H32M18CFM-18:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 400 MHz MT49H16M36FM-25:A Micron
RLDRAM3-2133 16Mx36 (576Mb) MT44K16M36RB-093F:B Micron
RLDRAM3-1866 16Mx36 MT44K16M36RB-107E:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36FM-25 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 576Mb 16Mx36 MT49H16M36FM-25E:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36HU-33IT:A Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-33:B Micron
576Mbit MT49H16M36HU-25 Micron
RLDRAM2 16Mx18 300MHz MT49H16M18FM-33 Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-33 IT:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-5:B Micron
RLDRAM 288Mb MT49H8M36BM-TI:B Micron
RLDRAM3-2133 16Mx36 (576Mb) MT44K16M36RB-093E:A Micron
RLDRAM3-2133 16Mx36 (576Mb) MT44K16M36RB-093E:B Micron
RLDRAM3-2400 32Mx36 (1152Mb) MT44K32M36RB-083F:A Micron
RLDRAM3-2133 16Mx36 (576Mb) Ind MT44K16M36RB-093E IT:B Micron
RLDRAM3-2133 64Mx18 FBGA MT44K64M18RB-093E:A Micron
RLDRAM3-2133 32Mx36 (1.125Gb) MT44K32M36RB-093E:A Micron
RLDRAM3-1866 32Mx36 (1152Mb) MT44K32M36RB-107E:A Micron
RLDRAM3-1866 64Mx18 FBGA MT44K64M18RB-107E:A Micron
RLDRAM2 32Mx9 300MHz MT49H32M9FM-33 Micron
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