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DDR 400 Module 184pins (PC3200)
DDR-400 256Mx72 ECC Reg HYS72D256220GBR-5-B Infineon Orig
DDR-400 128Mx64 Pb-Free M368L2923CUN-CCC Samsung [64Mx8 base]
DDR-400 128Mx64 TED11G400C3BK Team Group Retail
DDR-400 128Mx64 264908\1GB\64Mx8\16C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR-400 128Mx64 662199\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM SpecTek
DDR-400 128Mx64 258690\1GB\64Mx8\16C\(6\layers) SK hynix on 3rd
DDR-400 128Mx64 652606\1GB\128Mx4\16C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR-400 256Mx72 ECC Reg M312L5720BG0-CCC Samsung [128Mx4 36C]
DDR-400 128Mx64 TS128MLD64V4JL Transcend
DDR-400 128Mx64 HYMD512646CP8J-D43-A SK hynix Orig
DDR-400 128Mx64 Pb-Free HYMD512646CP8J-D43-C SK hynix Orig
DDR-400 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) M312L5128AU1-CCC Samsung Orig
DDR-400 128Mx64 CL3 KVR400X64C3A/1G Kingston Retail
DDR-400 128Mx64 HYMD512646CP8J-D43 SK hynix Orig
DDR-400 128Mx64 642464\1GB\128Mx4\16C OEM
DDR-400 128Mx64 651243\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM Promos ETT
DDR-400 128Mx64 656170\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM Promos FT
DDR-400 128Mx64 254058\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM
DDR-400 128Mx64 645288\1GB\64Mx8\16C UMAX Retail
DDR-400 128Mx64 665177\1GB\64Mx8\16C Nanya/Micron coating
DDR-400 128Mx64 252213\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM A-DATA
DDR-400 256Mx72 ECC Reg M312L5720CZ3-CCC Samsung [128Mx4 36C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC Reg HYS72D64301HBR-5-C Infineon [64Mx4 18C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC Reg M312L6523DZ3-CCC Samsung [64Mx8 sTSOP]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC Reg Low Prof M312L6420EG0-CCC Samsung [64MX4 18C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC Reg HYS72D64300HBR-5-C Infineon [64Mx8 9C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDF6472G-40BG3 Micron [ 64Mx4 base ]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC HYMD264726D8J-D43 SK hynix Orig
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC 242937\512MB\32Mx8\18C SK hynix
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC HYS72D64320GU-5-B Infineon [32Mx8 18C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC HYS72D64320HU-5-C Infineon [32Mx8 18C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC Reg MT9VDDF6472G-40BD4 Micron [64Mx8 9C]
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC MT9VDDT6472HY-40BF2 Micron Orig
DDR-400 64Mx72 ECC 234681\512MB\32Mx8\18C Samsung
DDR-400 64Mx64 655939\512MB\32Mx16\8C OEM
DDR-400 64Mx64 256372\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Micron Die
DDR-400 256MX72 ECC Reg KVR400D2S4R3/2G Kingston
DDR-400 64Mx64 641774\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Blank/Nanya Die
DDR-400 256MX72 ECC Reg CL3 KVR400D4R3A/2G Kingston
DDR-400 256Mx72 ECC REG HYS72D256320HBR-5-C Qimonda
DDR-400 64MX64 255920\512MB\64Mx8\8C Samsung on 3rd
DDR-400 64Mx64 271034\512MB\64Mx8\8C\(6\Layer) Samsung on 3rd
DDR-400 64Mx64 246059\512MB\32Mx8\16C\(6\Layer) Samsung on 3rd
DDR-400 64Mx64 246690\M368L6423FTN-CCC Samsung [32Mx8 16C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 540277\512MB\64Mx8\8C Nanya
DDR-400 64Mx64 644121\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Mira ETT
DDR-400 128Mx64x2 Kit (2GB 2x1G) CT2KIT12864Z40B Crucial
DDR-400 64Mx64 651384\512MB\32Mx16\8C OEM Mira die (UTT)
DDR-333 64Mx64 662304\512MB\32Mx16\8C OEM Mira die
DDR-400 64Mx64 248434\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM
DDR-400 64Mx64 MT8VDDT6464AY-40BF4 Micron [64Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 MT8VDDF6464AY-40BJ1 Micron Orig
DDR-400 64Mx64 MT8VDDT6464AG-40BDB Micron [64Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 256Mx72 ECC REG HYS72D256320HBR-5-B Infineon/Qimonda
DDR-400 64Mx64 HYS64D64300HU-5-C Infineon [64Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 HYS64D64320HU-5-C Infineon [32Mx8 16C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 264953\512MB\32Mx16\8C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR-400 64Mx64 517044\512MB\32Mx8\16C Micron
DDR-400 64Mx64 270321\512MB\32Mx8\16C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDF12872G-40BD3 Micron [128Mx4] FBGA
DDR-400 64Mx64 600017\512MB\64Mx8\8C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR-400 64Mx64 Pb-Free HYMD564646CP8J-D43-C SK hynix [64Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 Pb-Free HYMD564646DP8J-D43-C SK hynix [64Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDF12872Y-40BF1 Micron [128Mx4] FBGA
DDR-400 64Mx64 Pb-Free HYMD564646CP8J-D43 SK hynix [64Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDT12872AY-40BD1 Micron [64Mx8 18C]
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDVF12872Y-40BF1 Micron Orig
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDF12872Y-40BJ1 Micron [128Mx4] FBGA
DDR-400 64MX64 HYMD26464B8J-D43 SK hynix [32Mx8 16C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 EBD52UC8AMFA-5B Elpida Orig
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDT12872AY-40BF1 Micron [64Mx8 18C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 258644\512MB\32Mx8\16C Mira die
DDR-400 128Mx64 651178\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM Mira die
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg MT18VDDT12872AY-40BJ1 Micron [64Mx8 18C]
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg HYMD512G726BF4N-D43-A SK hynix [128M x 4 18C]
DDR-400 64Mx64 Pb-Free M2Y51264DS8HB1G-5T Elixir Orig 64Mx8
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg HYS72D128300HBR-5-C Infineon/Qimonda
DDR-400 64Mx64 CT6464Z40B Crucial
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC REG HYS72D128300HBR-5-B Infineon/Qimonda
DDR-400 64Mx64 656781\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM Promos ETT
DDR-400 64Mx64 665134\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM Mira ETT
DDR-400 64Mx64 658923\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM Promos FT
DDR-400 64Mx64 VS512MB400 Corsair
DDR-400 64Mx64 NT512D64S8HC0G-5T Nanya Orig
DDR-400 32Mx72 ECC 242939\256MB\32Mx8\9C SK hynix
DDR-400 32Mx72 ECC CL2 HYS72D32300HU-5-C Infineon [32Mx8 9C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 CT3264Z40B Crucial
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC REG HYS72D128300GBR-5-B Infineon Orig
DDR-3200 32MX64 /400MHz MT8VDDT3264AY-40BGB Micron
DDR-400 32Mx64 HYMD232646B8J-D43 SK hynix [32Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 128Mx72 ECC Reg M312L2920BG0-CCC Samsung [128Mx4 18C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 Pb-Free HYS64D32300HU-5-C Infineon [32Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 Pb-Free HYS64D32301HU-5-C Infineon [32Mx16 4C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 CL3 KVR400X64C3A/256 Kingston
DDR-400 32Mx64 MT8VDDT3264AG-40BGB Micron [32Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 MT8VDDT3264AG-40BCB Micron [32Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 NT256D64S88B1G-5T Nanya [32Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 32Mx64-TCCC 255621\256MB\32Mx8\8C Samsung
DDR-400 32Mx64 M368L3223HUS-CCC Samsung [32Mx8 8C]
DDR-400 32Mx64 M368L3223FTN-CCC Samsung [32Mx8 8C ]
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