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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
GDDR6 16Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 16Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC14 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14:B Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14C:B Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC14 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-14:A Micron
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-12:A Micron
GDDR6 256Mx32 7GHz (8Gb) H56C8H24AIR-S2C SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-19G:T Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 7GHz (16Gb) H56CBM24MIR-S2C SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 7GHz (8Gb) H56C8H24AIR-S2CR SK hynix
GDDR6 21Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-21:T Micron
GDDR6 19Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-19:T Micron
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) Ind MT61M256M32JE-12N IT:A Micron
GDDR6 256MX32 (8Gb) FBGA MT61M256M32JE-12N:A Micron
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC12 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-SC14 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC14 Samsung
GDDR6 18Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC18 Samsung
GDDR6 16Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC16 Samsung
GDDR6 20Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC20 Samsung
GDDR6 24Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC24 Samsung
GDDR6 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-16:C Micron
GDDR6 21Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-21G:T Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14:C Micron
GDDR6 256Mx32 7GHz (8Gb) H56C8H24AIR-S5CR SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 6GHz (8Gb) H56C8H24AIR-S0C SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 7GHz (8Gb) H56G32CS2DX005N SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 9GHz (8Gb) H56G32CS6DX005N SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 10GHz (8Gb) H56G32CS8DX005N SK hynix
GDDR6 512Mx32 8GHz (16Gb) H56G42AS4DX014N SK hynix
GDDR6 512Mx32 10GHz (16Gb) H56G42AS8DX014N SK hynix
GDDR6 18Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC18 Samsung
GDDR6 25Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC25 Samsung
GDDR6 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-21:U Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 7GHz (16Gb) H56G42AS2DX014N SK hynix
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61M256M32JE-12 AAT:A Micron
GDDR6 256Mx32 8GHz (8Gb) H56G32CS4DX005N SK hynix
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61M512M32KPA-14 NIT:C Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-24:U Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61M512M32KPA-14N:C Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 9GHz (16Gb) H56G42AS6DX014N SK hynix
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61M512M32KPA-14N IT:C Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 8GHz (16Gb) H56G42AS4DX014 SK hynix
GDDR6 512MX32 (16Gb) FBGA DDP MT61M512M32KPA-14 AAT:C Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14C:E Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 9GHz (16Gb) H56G42AS6DX014 SK hynix
GDDR6 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-16:E Micron
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