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SD PC133 Module 168pins
PC133 32Mx64-75 MT8LSDT3264AY-13ED2 Micron [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64 MT8LSDT3264AY-133G1 Micron [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64 MT8LSDT3264AY-13EG1 Micron [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 MT8LSDT3264AG-133D2 Micron [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-7 CL2 16839_256MB_32Mx8_8C_45 Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-6 CL3 2089_256MB_16Mx8_16C SK hynix
PC133 32Mx64 228572_256MB_32Mx4_16C SK hynix
PC133 32Mx64-H 9401_256MB_16Mx8_16C_G4 SK hynix
PC133 32Mx64-H 12304_256MB_16Mx8_16C_FBGA SK hynix
PC133 32Mx64-H 2031_256MB_16Mx8_16C SK hynix
PC133 32Mx64-H HYM72V32636BT8R-H SK hynix [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-H HYM71V32635HCT8-H SK hynix [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-H HYM71V32635AT8-H SK hynix [16Mx8]
PC133 32Mx64-75 CL3 MT16LSDT3264AY-133G3 Micron [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-H 24331_256MB_32Mx8_8C SK hynix on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64 255760_256MB_16Mx16_8C VT
PC133 32Mx64-75C 650877_256MB_16Mx16_8C SK hynix on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64-75 CL3 HYS64V32300GU-7.5-C2 Infineon [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 (6 Layer) 2065_256MB_16Mx8_16C Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-7 CL2 16839_256MB_32Mx8_8C Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64 7822_512MB_32Mx8_16C SK hynix on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64-7 CL2 246609_256MB_32Mx8_8C Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-7 CL2 25361_256MB_16Mx8_16C_G4 Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-7 CL2 25053_256MB_16Mx8_16C Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-7A CL3 M366S3323FTS-C7A Samsung [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 2050_256MB_16Mx8_16C Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-75 2025_256MB_16Mx8_16C_G4 Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-H 2021_512MB_32Mx8_16C SK hynix on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64-75 CL3 HYS64V32220GU-7.5-C2 Infineon [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64 645369_512MB_32Mx8_16C Micron
PC133 32Mx64-75 CL2 HYS64V32220GU-7-C2 Infineon [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 KVR133X64C3/256 Kingston [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 M366S3253HUS-C7A Samsung [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 7829_256MB_16Mx8_16C Micron on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64-75 2063_256MB_16Mx8_16C_G4 Micron
PC133 32Mx64-75 2059_256MB_16Mx8_16C Mosel Vitelic
PC133 32Mx64-75 2067_256MB_16Mx8_16C NEC
PC133 32Mx64-75 2032_256MB_16Mx8_16C NEC
PC133 32Mx64-75 13632_256MB_16Mx8_16C NEC/UK
PC133 64Mx64-H 8384_512MB_32Mx8_16C_G4 SK hynix
PC133 64Mx64-7 236993_512MB_32Mx8_16C_48 Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-75 9479_256MB_16Mx8_8C_G4 Samsung
PC133 32Mx64-75 8380_256MB_16Mx8_16C_G4 Samsung
PC133 32Mx64-75 10123_256MB_16Mx8_16C_(6_Layer) Samsung
PC133 32Mx64-7 CL3 M366S3323CTS-C7A00 Samsung [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 CL3 2033_256MB_16Mx8_16C Samsung on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64-75 M366S3323ATS-C7500 Samsung
PC133 32Mx64-75 M366S3323AT0-C7500 Samsung
PC133 32Mx64-7A M366S3253CTS-C7A Samsung [32MX8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 21688_256MB_16Mx8_16C_19 OEM
PC133 32Mx64-7A CL3 M366S3323FTS-C7A Samsung [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 KVR133X64C3/512 Kingston
PC133 32Mx64-7C M366S3323DTS-C7C Samsung [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 9343_256MB_32Mx8_8C Samsung on 3rd
PC133 32Mx64-75 108465_256MB_32Mx8_8C_G4 Samsung
PC133 32Mx64-7A 7426_M366S3253DTS-C7A Samsung [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 2038_256MB_16Mx8_16C Toshiba
PC133 32Mx64-75 2046_256MB_16Mx8_16C Winbond
PC133 16Mx64-H CL3 HYM71V16635HCT8-H SK hynix [16Mx8 8C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 2013_512MB_32Mx8_16C Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-75 2074_256MB_32Mx8_8C OEM NCP
PC133 32Mx64-75 7250_256MB_16Mx8_16C OEM NCP
PC133 32Mx64-75 18379_256MB_32Mx8_8C OEM SpecTek
PC133 64Mx64 MT16LSDT6464AG-133C2 Micron [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 25728_256MB_16Mx16_8C_TSOP OEM NCP
PC133 32Mx64-75 2073_256MB_32Mx8_8C OEM PQI
PC133 64Mx64-75 9762_512MB_32MX8_16C_(6_Layer) Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 32Mx64-75 42657_256MB_32Mx8_8C OEM MM
PC133 32Mx64-75 2047_256MB_16Mx8_16C OEM Pluss
PC133 16Mx64-75 M366S1723IUS-C7A Samsung [16Mx8 8C]
PC133 32Mx64 HYS64V32900GU-7.5 Infineon [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 2019_512MB_32Mx8_16C Micron
PC133 32Mx64-75 2049_M366S3323CT0-C75 Samsung [16Mx8 16C]
PC133 32Mx64-75 21688_256MB_16Mx8_16C Samsung (16 chips)
PC133 32Mx64-75 39501_256MB_32Mx8_8C OEM
PC133 32Mx64-75 641946_256MB_16Mx8_16C OEM
PC133 64Mx64-7A MT16LSDT6464AG-133C2 Micron [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 16Mx64-75 21742_128MB_8Mx8_16C Elpida/NEC
PC133 16Mx64-75 37412_128MB_16Mx8_8C Elpida/NEC-China
PC133 16Mx64-75 14085_128MB_16Mx8_8C Elpida/NEC
PC133 16Mx64-7A M366S1654JUS-C7A Samsung [16Mx16 4C]
PC133 16Mx64 4C MT4LSDT1664AG-13EC1 Micron [16Mx16 4C]
PC133 16Mx64-H 112069_128MB_16Mx16_4C SK hynix
PC133 16Mx64-H 230360_128MB_16Mx16_4C_(4_L) SK hynix
PC133 16Mx64 PC133 MT8LSDT1664AY-133G3 Micron
PC133 16Mx64-H 2169_128MB_8Mx8_16C SK hynix
PC133 16Mx64-H HYM76V16635HGT8-H SK hynix [8Mx8 16C]
PC133 16Mx64-H 23557_128MB_16Mx8_8C_G4 SK hynix
PC133 16Mx64 39075_128MB_16Mx16_4C SK hynix on 3rd
PC133 16Mx64-H 9497_128MB_16Mx8_8C SK hynix on 3rd
PC133 64Mx64 MT16LSDT6464AY-13ED2 Micron
PC133 16Mx64-H CL3 HYM71V16635HCT8-H SK hynix [16Mx8 8C]
PC133 16Mx64-H 2130_128MB_16Mx8_8C SK hynix
PC133 16Mx64-K CL2 9323_128MB_16Mx8_8C_G4 SK hynix
PC133 16Mx64-H 7653_HYM71V16635HCT8-H SK hynix [16Mx8 8C]
PC133 16Mx64-K CL2 31404_128MB_8Mx8_16C Hyundai
PC133 16Mx64-7 CL2 HYS64V16300GU-7-C2 Infineon [16Mx8 8C]
PC133 16Mx64-7 CL2 25364_128MB_16Mx8_8C_G4 Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 16Mx64-75 CL3 25051_128MB_16Mx8_8C Infineon/Qimonda
PC133 8Mx64 MT4LSDT864AG-13EG2 Micron [8Mx16 4C]
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