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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
SD 32Mx16-75 133MHz K4S511632C-TC75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 HYB39S256800DT-7.5 Qimonda
SD-133 4Mx32(128Mb) EDS1232AHTA-75-E Elpida
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 Pb-Free 251215_K4S560832E-UC75 Samsung
SD 2Mx32-7 143MHz K4S643232C-TC70T00 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-7 133MHz CL2 V54C3256804VDI7 Promos
SDRAM 8Mx32 IS42S32800B-7BL ISSI
SD 4Mx16-75 PC166 Pb-Free AS4C4M16SA-6TIN Alliance
SD 8Mx16-7 143MHz IC42S16800D-7TL ISSI
SD 16Mx16-H HY57V561620FTP-HDR-C SK hynix
SDRAM 8Mx32 IS42S32800D-7BL ISSI
SDRAM 8Mx32 IS42S32800G-7BL ISSI
SD 8X16 A2V28S40BTP-7 PSC
SD 32Mx8-7 133MHz FBGA Ind V54C3256804VDJ7I Promos
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz A3V64S40ETP-G6 Zentel
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz A3V64S40GTP-G60I Zentel
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz A3V64S40GTP-60 Zentel
SD 1Mx16-7 143MHz Pb-Free M12L16161A-7TG ESMT (Etron)
SD 1Mx16 M12L16161A-7TG2Q ESMT
SD 16Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S280832O-LC75 Samsung
SD 64Mx8 PC133 CL3 HYB39S512800AT-7.5 Qimonda
SD 64Mx8 PC133 CL3 HYB39S512800AE-7.5 Qimonda
SD 16Mx16 133MHz Pb-Free K4S561632N-UC75 Samsung
SD 16Mx16 166MHz Pb-Free K4S561632N-UC60 Samsung
SD 16MX16 133MHz FBGA HY5V56FFP-H-A SK hynix
SD-143 2Mx32 TC59S6432CFT-70 Toshiba
SD 64Mx4-75 133MHz Pb-Free K4S560432J-UC75 Samsung
512M 16Mx32 133MHz IS42S32160B-75EBLI ISSI
SD 8Mx32 143MHz EM488M3244VTB-7F Eorex
SD 16Mx32 143MHz IS42S32160B-7TLI ISSI
SD 4Mx32 133MHz BGA Pb-Free IS42S32160A-75BL ISSI
SD 16Mx32 166MHz IS45S32160B-6TLA1 ISSI
SD 8Mx16-6 166MHz IC42S16800F-6TL ISSI
SD 1Mx16-7 594011_HY57V161610FTP-7-C SK hynix
SD 4Mx16 200MHz M12L64164A-5TG2M Elite MT
SD 4Mx16 200MHz M12L64164A-5TG ESMT
SD 16Mx16 133MHz PT481616HG-75 Pointec
SD 4Mx16-7 PC143 Low Pwr IS42S16400F-7TLI ISSI
SD 8Mx16-75 133MHz Pb-Free EDS1216AGTA-75-E Elpida
SD 8Mx16-75 133MHz CL3 Pb-Free K4S281632O-LI75 Samsung
SD 16Mx16 PC166MHz Pb-Free W9825G6JB-6 Winbond
SD 16Mx16 PC166MHz Pb-Free W9825G6JB-6I Winbond
SD 32Mx8-6 166MHz 659425_Nanya_ETT Nanya ETT
SD-143 2Mx32 TC90517FG Toshiba
SD 8Mx16-H 133MHz FBGA H57V1262GFR-75I SK hynix
SD 16Mx16-7 133MHz CL2 BGA Pb-Free HYB39S256160FF-7 Qimonda
SD 8Mx16-7 143MHz IC42S16800F-7TL ISSI
SD 4Mx16-7 143MHz 70nm M12L64164A-7TG2M ESMT
SD 4Mx16-7 PC143 IS42S16400F-7BLI ISSI
SD 4Mx16-7 W9864G6EB-7 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-7 PC143 IS42S16400F-7BL ISSI
SD 4Mx16-7 PC143 IS42S16400J-7BL ISSI
SD 4Mx16-7 PC143 IS42S16400J-7BLI ISSI
8Mb Serial SpiFlash W25Q80BLSNIG Winbond
8Mb SpiFlash 8SOIC W25Q80EWSSIG Winbond
SD 8Mx16-H 133MHz FBGA H57V1262GFR-75C SK hynix
SD 8Mx32-H 133MHz FBGA HY5V52ALFP-H-C SK hynix
SD 8Mx16-75 133MHz CL3 Pb-Free K4S281632O-LC75 Samsung
8Mb SpiFlash W25Q80DVSSAG Winbond
LPDDR 512Mb SDRAM AS4C32M16MD1A-5BCNTR Alliance Memory
8Mb SpiFlash W25Q80DVUXIET Winbond
SD 4Mx16-6 PC166 BGA Ind EM638165BM-6IH Etron
SDRAM 512M-bit 32Mx16 3.3V 54-Pin TSOP-II Tray AS4C32M16SB-7BIN Alliance Memory
SD 32Mx8 133MHz CL3 Pb-Free NT5SV32M8BS-75B Nanya
SD 32Mx8 133MHz CL3 Pb-Free NT5SV32M8CS-75B Nanya
SD 32Mx8 166MHz NT5SV32M8CS-6K Nanya
SD-143 1Mx16-7 Pb-Free F25L16PA-50PAG Elite MT
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832E-TL75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832E-TC75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832H-UC75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832H-UC75T Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832J-UC75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832J-UC75T Samsung
SD 16Mx16-7 143MHz EM63A165BM-7IH Etron
SD 32Mx8-7 133MHz CL2 Pb-Free HYB39S256800FE-7 Qimonda
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832N-LC75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-7 133MHz CL2 Pb-Free HYB39S256800FE-7NC Qimonda
SD 16Mx16 143MHz Pb-Free TSOPII H57V2562GTR-70C SK hynix
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832D-TC75 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 48_K4S560832C-TC75000 Samsung
SD-143 1Mx16-7 Pb-Free HY57V161610FTP-HI SK hynix
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 K4S560832C-TC75T00 Samsung
SD 64Mx8 PC133 K4S510832B-TC75000 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-75 133MHz CL3 TC59SM808CFT-75 Toshiba
SD 32Mx4-75 133MHz CL3 K4S280432D-TC75 Samsung
SD-143 1Mx16-7 IS42S16100C1-7TL ISSI
SD 32Mx4-75 PC133 CL3 K4S280432D-TL75 Samsung
SD 32Mx4-7 133MHz CL2 HYB39S128400FT-7 Qimonda
SD 32Mx4-75 133MHz CL2 HYB39S128400CT-7 Infineon/Qimonda
SD 32Mx4-75 133MHz CL3 HYB39S128400CT-7.5 Qimonda
SD-143 1Mx16-7 CL3 K4S161622D-TC70000 Samsung
SD 16Mx16-7 A43L4616AV-7F AMIC
SD 16Mx16-75 133MHz CL3 leaded EDS2516APTA-75 Elpida
SD-143 32Mx16-7 IC42S16320B-7TL ICSI
SD 16Mx16-75 133MHz Pb-Free EDS2516APTA-75-E Elpida
SD 16Mx16-75 133MHz CL3 EDS5616AETA-75-E Elpida
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